Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Woman at the Well John chapter 4


in the searing sunlight
Glare stinging my eyes
with sudden tears
Behind the fortress walls
of surrounding houses
They surely watch

I can barely raise
one foot after another
Dust chokes
my dry mouth
This pot, my burden
like a dead weight
on my body.

I walk
this daily walk
of torment
I walk
It has been
for such a long time now
Must it always be so?

The Well

Today I met him
such a man
as I have longed to meet
for all my life
Today I met him, I
will never be the same again.

Today I talked to him
such a man
as I have longed to talk to
all my life
A man who talked with me
as if he had known me
all my life

Today he looked at me
He smiled at me
as noone else has ever done before
He knew my sin
and yet
he took my cup

Joy unquenchable
fills me
I will speak his words
throughout the land
I will never be the same
Because today
I met Him.

copyright Josephine Collett 1999

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