Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Growth

One of my favourite images is that of a new, tender green shoot appearing on a bare branch or cutting. Where I live the majority of trees are evergreen, so we don’t experience as much of the seasonal changes that are observed in other states of Australia. I recently visited Tasmania in springtime and was delighted to view apple trees with their gorgeous pink blossoms sprouting afresh on the silvery grey branches. What a magnificent symbol of the passing of winter and the commencement of warmer weather with its promise of fruition.
In close proximity to our home is a water easement, where the local council has planted numerous native trees. Sadly, vandals attacked a eucalypt sapling, partially uprooting it. The crown and a large portion of trunk was snapped off, leaving only a small section still embedded in the ground. Within weeks, new life sprouted from that trunk section, with green shoots bursting from the seemingly lifeless wood. It appeared that whilst the tree remained  connected to the ground, despite every challenge, life would burst forth.
So it is with us. Despite wintering, despite hurts and pain and being knocked down, there is that within us which is called to spring forth. As long as we have that connection to our Heavenly Father, there will be a flowing and flowering of the Holy Spirit within us. Others will see and wonder at the beauty of that which He creates.
Like the green shoot on the wintered branch or the severed trunk, what a great promise of hope and potential always remains within a person to flourish.

Praise God

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