Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two Bills

Let me tell you about my friend, Bill Gates. Did you know that I know Bill Gates? I can tell you all about him. I can drop his name into any conversation. I can refer to him as my friend, Bill Gates.
Unfortunately, though, I don’t personally know Bill Gates. I could read a biography about him and learn lots of facts. I could look him up on the internet and gain some knowledge and insight into his life. I could listen to what others say about him and glean some information to use that way. I could easily pretend that I know him and he is my friend. The truth is though, I don’t really know him.
Let me tell you about another Bill. I know him. I can drop his name easily into a conversation. I can tell you all about his life.
I’ve never read a biography of this Bill, because there isn’t a written one. I’ve never looked up his name on the internet. I sometimes hear other people talk of him, but I don’t need to listen to them to know who he is.
I could tell anyone who asks all about him. I know who Bill  is because I have a relationship with him. He’s been with me all my life. He gave me life. He has walked with me and talked with me, taught me, protected me, comforted me, counselled me, disciplined me and so much more. Most of all, he has always loved me. Although he now resides in heaven, he was my earthly Dad.
How tragic to have a knowledge of God, to talk of Him, to speak all the right information yet not have the relationship. He is there, arms outstretched, wanting not your words or your deeds, but you. He loved you from before you were born. He died for you. He rose again and can be in relationship with you for all of your earthly life and beyond. Seek him in prayer and by the word, and by true Christian fellowship in a caring church. He longs to be in the right relationship with you.


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