Thursday, 5 January 2012


What is my persona? Each person on the planet is related in some way to others, identifying themselves as someone's child, someone's parent, someone's friend, workmate, employer, ex, etc.etc. There are so many dimensions to relationships. As a Christian, my persona is inextricably linked to God above all, and all other relationships pale in comparison to this one. I am no longer myself without Him. I have been born into a new life that has so utterly changed me that if I were to renounce it, and I believe that this is possible, I would no longer be the same person. This is where sin becomes so insidious. We are tempted to believe that we can sin against God and recover to the same life in Him we had. Not so. Sin is that choice between the God inside us and that carnal, human nature desiring its own selfish course inside us, the two natures that battle within throughout this life. The ultimate test of our faithfullness is to choose what God wants over what we want. Tough stuff.

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