Tuesday, 3 January 2012

John 4 with a modern twist

Number Six

“Closing time in 10,” the barman
said as I walked in the door
Yeah right, like small town country pub
the cops’ll be screeching round in 15
checking your license
And the guy at the bar alone looks up
like what’s the fuss, what a man
makes me shiver from that first look
muscled and tanned, aw that face
and he’s lookin’ at me too, well
he might be good for a place to crash
and some food for the kids
So give it ya best shot, girl
The walk, the moves, the eyes
Just enough suspicion of a smile
there are advantages
to being alone in a bar with a guy
and closing time in 10.

 “Will you buy me a drink?” his opening line
is kinda weird
What? Cheapskate man.
Not what you might expect, hey
The barman turns his back as barmen do
furiously wiping glasses
And the guy at the bar is looking at me
with those handsome blue eyes, he’s
laughing at me
“Okay, can I get you one, then sister?”
That’s more like it.
He taps the bar, “Please, a glass
of water for the lady.”
A glass of water? What?
This guy’s not like any I’ve ever
met before
But you know what
I’m desperate
I’m thirsty
I’ll take it

Copyright Josephine Collett. 2011

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