Saturday, 7 January 2012

Eve and her sisters

Eve, I ask you
why’d you ever do it?
Destined us to be
in sin and shame eternally,
striving with supremacy
questioning authority
blamed for all of history

Eve, do you see her weeping,
Mary at the cross,
the sword piercing
her heart?

Do you see the women of the ages
lost, bereft, the children suffering
abused, neglected, dead?
Tears like a river of raindrops falling,
Why’d you do it?

Do you see me sister? My son Abel
cold and still on the earth stained red,
Cain, my son, where is he now?
somewhere I never can follow
This pain in my heart is more than I can bear
would that I could die instead
for my sin and my sorrow

Lord, we are in her
and she in us
united by sin and love
for this world is not the end
when you promise a new beginning, Saviour
Your blood on the cross for forgiveness of sin
Forgive her, Lord, forgive us.

copyright J.C.  Brisbane Australia 30/09/10

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