Thursday, 5 January 2012

Alabastar Jar, a poem

Another woman transformed by a personal encounter with Jesus. Her story is told in the gospel of Luke chapter 7:36-50

Alabaster Jar

This was my treasure, my reward
A gift
A payment
From a wealthy suitor

I earned it, skillfully
with beguiling smiles
and kohl- rimmed eyes
with jewels and affected laughter

Its perfume daubed behind my ears
the promise
of an easy path
and all that I could want thereafter

I carried it in triumph
placed it in a high niche
where I could gaze upon
its shining lustre

But my life, my heart, my hope
were entombed
pretentious and cold
as that white alabaster


What can I give him? for the richest prize
is nothing
not one gift can now compare
to the wonder of
his look, his words, those eyes
the beauty of his being
the tenderness with which
he sees the sinfulness and shame
I bear
What can I give him?

Broken the jar
my treasure
poured out for him

Broken my soul
my love
poured out for him.

Broken my heart
my tears
poured out for him

He touches me
touches my soul, my heart, my tears, my life
My treasure
Now found in Him.

copyright J.C. 13-5-07 (Mother’s Day)

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