Friday, 2 March 2012

A Wedding

"Come again soon, Lord Jesus" we say. We long for You.
At weddings, the groom is waiting, expectantly anticipating the arrival of his bride. We rejoice in his look of wonder, of joy, of love as his bride appears.
The Bible tells us that the body of God's people, the church, is the bride of Jesus. He is waiting. Are we ready? Is the bride preparing herself? He has given us our wedding gifts. We can only be clothed in spotless garments because of the price paid by Jesus as he died for our sins on the cross. We are bedecked with his jewels of grace and forgiveness. The face that he wants to see as we approach Him is one expressing our true humility and awe of the knowledge that He loves and cares for us so much.
A bridegroom wants a wife who loves him for who he is, for the wonderful, deepening relationship that they share together. Are we adorning ourselves with our love and commitment and obedience to him? Are our hearts truly devoted to him?
"Come again soon, Lord Jesus." He wants His bride to be ready to come to Him.

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