Saturday, 17 March 2012

Green Spaces

We create green spaces in our cities
Every metropolis holds them
Amid the corridors of steel encrusted concrete
The asphalt arteries choked with a detritus of traffic
On every chequerboard map of gridlocked byways
They rise, green patches of beckoning solitude
islands of cool content in a sea of populace
Green spaces to remind us
Of something more elemental, a genesis
We touch feet to cool grasses and hands to the burgeoning earth
And savour, as Adam, the nectar of blossom

Lord, the mind too needs its green spaces
Places of rest between its twisted canyons
Its shifting busyness, its restless thoughts
Tossed like driftwood on an a wild-crested ocean
The mind needs its safe haven, its refuge
Bring Thou to me my quietude, my Saviour
Creator of breezes and birdsong,
Be my comfort and contemplation
Be my company and inspiration
Lord, as I dwell in green spaces.


Copyright Josephine Collett 24/2/2011

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