Saturday, 17 March 2012

Construction Project

The home where I live is located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. It's a two storey, brick dwelling with a tile roof. I know that it was built in 1974, because that's the date given on the paperwork for the sale of the house when we purchased it. I know when it was built, but I don't know how it was constructed. I wasn't around to see it take shape. There are a couple of possibilities.
One theory that I have devised myself is that in 1974 there may have been a massive explosion at the at Alderley brickworks, resulting in an outpouring of bricks from the chimney which was very visible on the skyline at that time. Simulataneously, there may have been an explosion at the Darra Cement Works which resulted in cement dust being released into the atmosphere. All it would then require would be for a gigantic cyclone to be travelling down the Queensland coast, which would lift the bricks and perhaps a few pallets of tiles and transport them across to my suburb, mixing the cement dust with rain on the way and depositing them in a house-shaped formation where I now live. That's my theory. Joism.
Another explanation could be that somebody had a vision for a house that they would like to build. They purchased a block of land. They had an architect draw detailed house plans. They engaged a builder who procured the materials and supervised a team of skilled workers to construct my home. It was not a random accident but a purposeful choice.
What are the odds for or against each theory?
My house. A butterfly wing. Coral spawning. The cycle of the seasons. The patterns of leaves on a single tree branch. Random or designed?
Your existence?                                  


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