Sunday, 11 March 2012


In the journey of our lives, sometimes the path unexpectedly winds through the darkest forest. The way ahead is shrouded, we may stray into unknown territory, onto twisting and unfamiliar paths, into deeper and more unfathomable depths. Wild animals bay in the darkness and we fear we will be torn apart. A dense canopy blocks out the sunshine that we formerly enjoyed. We realise there can be no returning to the comfort of the place from which we have come.

Yet God provides His guidance. His strength is sufficient when our own fails. His Spirit encourages our steps. He goes before us and makes a way where there is no way. He guides us onto a path which will lead again to light and freshness and peace.

Many who leave the dark woods will journey again in a new land. Yet there are some who, having been led through the dark woods, return again and again. They know the territory. This time God leads them to walk, unafraid, alongside those who are still lost and struggling, to befriend and help them as they travel together into the light.

They are the foresters.


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