Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unique relationship

I used to struggle with the fact that Jesus loves everyone. Now I understand that I have a special, personal relationship with Him alone, one that is just between the two of us. In the same way that I love both of my children intensely and equally, I have a special relationship with each, independently of each other. We also have family bonds. So it is with Christ. The God of the universe is by far big enough to accommodate a personal relationship with each individual. He sees every tiny sparrow, let alone His children. It is part of His unfathomable greatness that God can be attentive to every person on this earth all together, in groups such as a church service or homegroup meeting or to one person seeking Him in prayer or meditation. I sometimes sit quietly, imagining Jesus' arms around me, knowing that He has special love for me, His creation, that is just for me alone. I don't deserve this gift, but I know that He gives because He loves to do so. I am overawed with gratitude and humility. Praise Him

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