Friday, 23 March 2012

A meditation on Christ's passion

You drove them with a whip from the temple courts
Holy righteous One, in Your own holy anger
Those who defiled Your Father’s house, they were scattered
their goods and chattels strewn on the ground
Defending Your Father’s honour, You chased them out
while those who employed them and gained from their greed looked away
and the helpless, the poor, the lowly and meek
returned to the House of Prayer.

Did they watch You, those who were driven out
and the church officials, mourning their income lost,
as You stood accused, Holy blameless Lord?
Did they join their vengeful shouts to the call for Your death?
Did they mock You, the ones whose tables You overturned
as the lash fell on Your bloodied flesh?
Did  they plan their return to the temple? Did they cheer
as You trod the solitary road to Calvary?

“Father, forgive them.” It was for all Lord,
that you suffered and perished and bore the sin
from Eve to all eternity
You died for us in our sin
that we might come to You
Your church, Lord, do we sit in the courts at the tables
or kneel in your house of prayer?

©Josephine Collett Easter 2011

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