Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Couple of Old Sayings

"When you drink the water, don't forget who dug the well."

Be thankful for those who've gone before. Appreciate the sacrifices and toil of those who contributed to the lifestyles we enjoy today. This week we especially remember with grateful thanks the ones who fought in armed conflicts in the past and more recently, to protect the freedom we should never take for granted, including a free press, the right to assemble, democratic elections, freedom of speech, equal opportunities and freedom to worship in safety.

"Before you tear down a fence, ask why it was put there."

Boundaries, both physical and metaphysical exist for a reason. A mature society is one in which its members can challenge the status quo. Physical fences provide protection and privacy and direction. Laws, traditions and practices need not always be static things, but they were the product of our forebear's wisdom and we should change with care.

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