Wednesday, 16 October 2013


When the only form
was potential,
when nothingness prevailed,
in love and creativity
God breathed.

When the dust-laden flesh
moulded from the earth
coursed with its first
life-affirming joy
he breathed.

And she held her lifeless, murdered son
breath forever gone.

On a star-filled, wondrous night
a world held its breath,
a baby cried,
shepherds rejoiced
and angels sang around them.

So He hung in shame and torment
bloodied and alone,
despised and rejected
breathing forgiveness and love
till it was finished.

And they buried their lifeless, murdered One,
breath gone.

In darkness and emptiness
He rises
He lives
He breathes
And heaven and earth praise Him.

Light of the world, risen Lord
Our breath of life.

copyright Jo Collett 2013

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