Thursday, 14 June 2012


In the stillness of a winter night
when all the world is hushed and gone to bed
I walk alone the garden paths
and watch the myriad stars
A jewellery box of glittering gems
that spiral in the heavens overhead
and flood my wondering eyes with light

Beloved stars, there in the south they lie-
Mirrabooka, Southern Cross, that of my heart
Alpha Centauri, nearest star, the one that points the way
to the heavenly signature, as of old, so clear
That God who made the heavens, night and day
and all the earth is with us, ever near
The One who bore the Cross will never die.

The clock reads three-sixteen am, awake again
I walk the floors in restless, sorrowing mind
Searching for some comfort, He provides
through the window pane, in eastern skies,
One brilliant, pulsing star that shines alone
A diamond in the indigo sky, it whispers plain
Look up to me, the Morning Star-
Though I was mocked and crucified
Forever I rise and reign.

Praise to You, Father of Lights
Jesus, light of this world, God’s gift of grace
Holy Spirit, let Your burning presence stay-
A compass needle sure as any star
Guiding us homeward
Until the stars fall and pass away
And we see Your shining face
Lord of all our days and all our nights.

Copyright Josephine Collett 2012

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