Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Birthday Poem

How much happiness can be wrapped in one person?
Like an ocean on a sunny day or a mountain,
Tossed with currents and undercurrents, shadows
and a wild heart full of deep emotion.
How blessed the radiant smile, the laugh that breaks
a solemn countenance, how deep the love
of faithful constancy, how strong the ties
of kinship, friendship, brotherhood and mine,
the ties of motherhood and birth, the stories told
of years now passed forever into time.
One thing is certain and will forever be
This child of my heart has his own existence here
In memories of love, in scenes of joy caught unaware
Baby boy laughing with bucket and spade
And the man now grown, searching another sea
with visions of all that lies beyond for him there.

copyright Jo Collett 2012

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