Friday, 29 June 2012

A meditation on the physical body following surgery

This is my physical body, recovering
From the onslaught of the enemy
This body that You, O Lord my creator
Formed in my mother’s womb
You designed me, I was in Your thoughts
When You brought forth the trees and skies
Yet, from the first dark days of the fall
We have learned to be ill at ease
with our bodies
Have listened to the evil one
Who tells us to hate and misuse and abuse them
or to be overly proud and indulgent of them
These bodies that are meant to be
a reflection of Your glory
a temple of Your holiness

So I come to You in this time of recovery
As healing fills my physical body
With grateful thanks that you are restoring
the health that was taken away
That You are doing a good work within me

Your Holy Spirit,
as I sit before You
flows into my being,
Your wonderful, saving, forgiving
and healing presence
flows into my being,
Surrounds and encompasses me
I invite Your healing touch
for every part of me
From the hairs of my head to the soles of my feet
Every cell, muscle, tissue, fibre
Mind and body and soul together
You are the Great Physician, Father.

Lord Jesus, You have gone before,
and experienced every pain and fear
that we bear, and so much more.
Thank You that what was accomplished on the cross
was for our salvation
That we can know Your presence
and love You
Until the time
that these flawed bodies are exchanged
for heavenly ones
And we who falter and struggle in the shadows
We will see You face to face in Your glorious light.


This mediatation and the poem "A hand in the darkness" were written following cancer surgery in 2000. A diagnosis of cancer is always traumatic for a family. I am so grateful to God that His presence was with me throughout, lovingly demonstrated by my husband and children, extended family and friends, church family, schoolteachers and the medical staff at Royal Brisbane Hospital. I praise God for recovery and the gift of many more years with my loved ones.

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