Saturday, 24 December 2016

Singing songs of Joy and Hope

Singing with the cadences of heavenly choirs in worship
Songs of peace and love
Singing the world into the presence of our Father
Singing for those with no voice
Unable to even whisper His name
Behind the veils of oppression and injustice
Singing for those imprisoned for their faith
And those wandering the paths of darkness
In the soul-destroying dungeons of despair
Singing for those with voices stilled by grieving
Sing it out, hope has come
Holy night, away in a manger, joy to the world,
Gloria in excelsis, Mary’s boy child
Jesus Christ
Is come.
The star still shines
Hope reigns
And heaven and earth still sing.
©Jo Collett 2016

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas as we celebrate the reason for the season, God's gift of joy, hope and peace sent to earth in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas.

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