Friday, 12 December 2014


Not for the likes of us
Warm beds, fine clothes, good food.
Dirty and poor
We walk the night watches on thorny ground
With sheep, those dumb creatures
Like as not to wander
Bleating and fooling each other
With a certain affection
We tend the fires
Keep them safe from prowling wolves
and thieves
Night after night, monotonous year after year
Nobody turns an eye
to the likes of us

Yet we too have our talents-
Scouring the nostrils of newly-born lambs until
they heave with the breath of life
Watching the skies
Telling the seasons
Knowing when
the rains will begin and end
and the fresh green shoots will pierce
the thirsty ground
Relating the stories of old
that our fathers told each other

Then, one beauteous night
One dazzling star
So unlike any other
Who would believe
that angels sang around us
And we followed
There, to a lonely stable
To a baby born a king,
Glorious, wonderful,
A story for our children’s children,
Praise Him
because He came
for the likes of us.

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