Sunday, 28 December 2014

A few random thoughts about the media

I flipped on the television on Boxing Day. The presenters on our national broadcaster’s morning show were discussing the fact that many people in Australia do not celebrate Christmas, as they are of faiths other than Christianity or of no faith at all. They stated that many people chose to take advantage of the holiday to go to the beach or local parks and have picnics and play cricket.

I wonder why it was deemed necessary to make such remarks. From memory I don’t recall hearing the same thing during Ramadan or Buddha’s birthday or Chinese New Year. These festivals are duly mentioned respectfully in the media. Why is it that anything Christian is automatically reason for the media, the ABC in particular to be scornful and negative?

Our western civilisation is built upon Christian values. Our system of law derives from canonical law. The values that we hold dear are delineated in scripture- the equality of all men, honesty in business dealings, consideration for our neighbours, faithfulness in marriage. We temper justice with mercy.  We seek forgiveness and reconciliation rather than vengeance.

Anyone who states that all religions are harmful and much the same would do well to seriously research the tenets of the major faiths. There are major differences between them.

Which of course is why Christians are singled out for ridicule. If you abuse and mock Christianity, the worst thing that’s going to happen to you is that you will be prayed for. People are free to adopt or discard Christianity without ramifications. And Christians believe that all people are of one blood (Acts 17:26) made in the image of God, so do not regard anyone of another ethnicity or religion as in any way inferior.

So the next time that the media decides to rubbish the Christian faith, especially at times that are of deep significance to Christians such as Christmas or Easter, I would question what their agenda is and why the same deference is not accorded to Christianity as they seem able to do to other faiths.

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