Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Tear

I saw the tear
before he turned away
and bade goodbye
And gave it not a thought
As the money pouch burned
its expectation
into my mind
I saw the tear
But I laughed
at his foolishness

In my swineherd’s rags
I recall
a dancing enchantress
a revelling drunkard
and the friends of my
pocket and table
abandoned, the gut twisting
hunger envelops, the bitter winds
seep into my soul
and more painful than this
I remember
The tear

He is waiting
He is watching
Arms outstretched in welcome

Let me kneel at your feet
bury my face in your arms
Receive my pain
Forgive my shame
Accept your servant

He bids me rise
and I see
His tears, and then
My Father’s smile

copyright Josephine Collett 2012
(The story of the prodigal son is found in the gospel of Luke, chapter 15, verses 11-32)

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