Monday, 23 April 2012

A Healing Exercise

It can be a powerful tool to write down all the things you're feeling when a situation has hurt you deeply.  An exercise I developed myself  was to write down your feelings or what has hurt you, (in point form or notes or a letter, any way that you choose), then read through slowly, concentrating on a sentence or even a word or two at a time. Reflect on how God would minister His love through each bad experience. Underneath or alongside, write a  positive sentence for each. For example you might write "she lied to me" and alongside write "Thank You God that Your words are always true" Each negative thing becomes an opportunity for God to demonstrate His love. It deepens and strengthens our relationship with Him. If you wish, after you have finished, you could choose to delete the list of hurt feelings. The positive replacements are a joy and comfort from God and a reminder of His victory over sin and hurt in your life. This was the result of one such exercise that I wrote, with the hurts deleted and replaced with a focus on God  :

Lord Jesus
You care about how I feel.
You stand beside me always.
You bind my wounds, You comfort me. You speak to me.
You validate me. You understand me.
I am your precious daughter, God.
I can let go of my hurts and give them to You for Your attention.
I can feel secure in Your presence anywhere, even in the presence of those who hurt me.
You lead me and appreciate me.
You know my heart when I speak to You.
You treat me with the greatest of love and respect.
You know what has happened to me and You will defend me.
You are my strong protector.
You will lead me into the paths of true friendship and honesty.
Your Holy Spirit will be my Comforter and Counsellor and will enable me to honestly and sincerely minister Your love to other people.
My walk with You will be real.

Thank You, Lord Jesus

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