Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How Beautiful the Sands in Moonlight

How beautiful the sands in moonlight
Calm sea, rollers break in rhythm
Bearing the light upon them as they roll
Reflections on wet sand beneath our feet
The night and sea, earth and we are one tonight
No fear of darkness
A thousand stars above, twinkling compass
Forming ancient patterns
Low line of scalloped dunes smudges a blurred horizon
From its darkness shapes rise, banksias, spiky grasses
Lonesome birds call and tiny creatures scurry
Wallabies stir and frogs
Croak croak to their lovers
Wind, ever free, brings salt scents to our nostrils
Caressing our cheeks with gentle touch
For she is kind tonight
“Come play” call the waves, forgetful of the hour
“Come draw your hands through my ripples, dance to my melodies”
And smiling at our silliness, we chase her.
How beautiful the sands in moonlight,
Beyond the great waves
On an unseen horizon
Lights of the fishing fleet flicker like fireflies
As across the bay
High above the shoals and shallows
The lighthouse guides their way home.

 Jo Collett 2016

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