Saturday, 23 April 2016

Finding the balance

I’ve recently changed my work arrangements. I work in our public health system and I enjoy my job.It can be challenging and demanding but it’s constantly rewarding. I’ve always felt a strong commitment to contributing to a public system which provides high quality care to everyone, especially those who couldn’t afford it otherwise. After twelve years in community health, I’ve transitioned to a new job as an allied health assistant in a facility which assists severely impaired people who use wheelchairs to mobilise. My working hours have reduced significantly, so I have more time at home to attend to other responsibilities and areas of interest.
Health is always about find balances and that word balance is an important aspect of many areas of life, be it physical, emotional, social, psychological and even spiritual. When we concentrate too much on one thing e.g. pleasure, worry, achievement, physical looks, weight, we can often neglect or miss out on other aspects of life.
Remember the old seesaws found in children’s playgrounds? They were little more than a long timber plank on a stand. If you were lucky there was a rubber stopper underneath to save you from thumping too hard on the ground when your end landed. They taught us all about balance – it worked better in partnership; you had to adjust where you sat to keep it even; and it was no fun being high or low all the time.  
As adults we still have to work at maintaining a balance. There are so many choices in life, and our choices have consequences for ourselves and our loved ones. So many things, many of them good in themselves, compete for our time, resources, talents and commitment. We can become overwhelmed by the demands placed on us. It’s then that we need to step back and work out our priorities.
Some things which may need a balance check:
Time alone with God and time for the rest of life
Work and leisure
Family time and solitude
Community or social activities and home life
Spending and saving
Sleep and wakefulness
Healthy eating and treats
Exercise and inactivity
Caring for others and caring for yourself

I put time with God at the top of this list because if I’ve learned anything at all in all the years of my adult life worth sharing, it’s how important it is to put God first in life, and not on the back burner. I’m still learning. I still try to solve problems myself without praying first. I still make plans without consulting Him, until I remember to “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)
God’s Holy Spirit, which He imparted to his children at Pentecost is known in Greek as the “Parakletos” – the One who comes alongside.  He is with us to be an earthly counsellor and guide. Jesus Himself is called in the Bible our advocate and counsellor. When we take time to pray to God, He gives us wisdom to make decisions which honour Him and produce lives of fruitfulness and fulfilment.

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