Friday, 22 January 2016

Call out to Jesus

A few years ago I attended a weekend workshop on evangelism, hosted by the Rev Graham Sercombe, a workshop which greatly encouraged me in the area of pastoral care.
During this time Graham told a simple story of his efforts to witness to a colleague, a pilot in New Guinea. The nation of New Guinea includes highlands which are very mountainous, into which small planes fly regularly as a method of transport. Over the years there have been many plane crashes and fatalities connected with the dangers of flying there.
Graham described how his efforts to talk about Jesus seemingly went unappreciated. On one occasion he felt a compulsion to say to his friend " If you're ever in trouble, call out to Jesus. Just call out to Jesus."
Shortly after this conversation Graham's friend was killed when his plane crashed in the mountains. We won't know this side of Heaven if this man called out to Jesus, but we hope that Graham's words were with him.
I recall the story so that you, the reader, can know - if you're in trouble, call out to Jesus. He'll hear you. Have this fixed in your mind.
Call out to Jesus.
But why wait until troubles come? Jesus is waiting to be involved in your life right now. Know God's Son, and you will know God, our Father, maker of Heaven and earth. You will know God's Holy Spirit, God's indwelling Counsellor and Comforter. Living with the reality of faith is not a restrictive, religious practice. It's a fulfilling, life-affirming relationship.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

These hopeful words are found in the Bible and were written by John, who was with Jesus and wrote an account of some of Jesus' life. They are found in the Biblical book of John, chapter 3, verse 16.

 Periodically on this blog I include repeats of what the Gospel, (or Good News as the word means), is all about, and how to become a Christian. I've done so again at the start of this new year and I hope and pray these articles will be encouraging and thought-provoking to someone who visits here.

You may wish to browse some other Christian resources online or visit a local church and talk to a minister there. Many churches run introductory courses for people wishing to learn about Christianity, such as Alpha, or Christianity explained. 
 Here are just a couple of links:

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