Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Enslaved by desire

"Freedom is not "doing what you want". That idea is absurd. We think we know what we want, but we don't. We only know urges and hungers, the pull of illusions. A drug addict "wants" a fix. His "want" is slavery. A murderer "wants" to kill. He is both victim and victimizer. Drug addicts and murderers may be accountable for their actions but, paradoxically, they are far from being free. Do what you like and you will discover your are the slave and the victim of what you hate.
No, freedom is doing what you were designed to do, doing it with power and joy. As a creature formed by God you were designed to serve, love, enjoy and glorify God eternally. In being what you are designed to be you will find joy and freedom." - "Church discipline that heals" John White and Ken Blue InterVarsity Press 1985 p.78

The following are some useful YouTube broadcasts which will assist anyone struggling in the area of sexual temptation:

Sex, Soul Tie,s and Pornography by John-Michael Becker (2/9/2014)
Paul Washer Sexual Sin End Time Sermons
Avoiding Sexual Immorality by Shane Idleman and Steve Gallagher

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