Sunday, 8 March 2015


As I travel in my work throughout the day, I meet many different people. It’s my prayer that everyone I encounter will be blessed and encouraged by God. We who are Christians do not need other people as our primary source of strength, as God has given His presence and sent His Holy Spirit to be with us always until we return to Him in Heaven, yet we still enjoy the presence of others. We were created to be in relationships, for God Himself is in the triune relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
When I meet other Christians, there is a sense of belonging, even when we meet as strangers. With God there is something more than just chance encounters. At times I believe He organises circumstances so that we meet people who need a touch from Him. The gospels are full of encounters where Jesus was waiting to talk to someone who needed Him, or was approached by someone who had a need . If you commit in prayer to have the Holy Spirit direct your steps, then encounters will happen.
Sometimes I meet other Christians that I know out and about, or pass them on the roads as I drive, and there is always a sense of blessing and encouragement to know that God is at work in our world, with us and through us, to bless each other and be a witness to others who do not yet know His love.

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