Friday, 13 February 2015

52 weeks, 66 books.

There are lots of different ways of reading the Bible and many plans of how to read it completely through in a year. A quick Google search will assist those who want to have a calendar of reading. I've used various methods of Bible reading over the years, ranging from completely free choice each day to reading the Bible from start to finish. I now like to concentrate on a complete book rather than jump around old and new testament chapters daily, but I do like to mix up the books. This year I'm hoping to read the entire Bible by ticking off books on a list as I go. I'm behind time, as I've only just thought of this and have so far read Matthew and Malachi. Sixty four to go.
What works for one person as far as Bible reading goes will not work for another. It's useful to refer to commentaries as you read, to get a little background and understanding of the historical context in which a book was written, as well as to share the insights of others.
Some important points:
Make reading a regular habit - daily if possible.
Pray before reading. Invite the Holy Spirit to enter into your reading and guide your mind and heart through it.
Don't rush - reading a few verses with understanding, meditation and remembering is better than rushing through a chapter. Read as much or as little as you feel guided.
Don't make it a ritual that you must do in order to feel like you've done the right thing., linked on this blog, has some useful resources including online bibles with footnote links. Audio bibles are available online, and youtube has some full-length books presented visually if you search visual bible. A printable checklist or online resource for monitoring your Bible reading is available via

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