Monday, 5 May 2014

At long last, a beautiful daughter!

Letting Go

Little children
Precious gifts from our Father in heaven
Conceived in love
and born into their parent’s waiting arms
We brought you home
and sheltered you from harm
we watched you grow
delighting in your life
and loving you so
a skipping girl with long blond hair
in braids, becomes
a bride so fair
A boy with trains and cars
becomes a man
and now, husband and wife
with dreams and plans
with happiness to share.
we watched you growing every day
and came to know
that you would leave and go away
as it should be
and learned, as all wise parents do
to let you go and live apart
is still to have you stay
for you will always, each and every day
be with us  in our  prayers and hearts

© Jo Collett 17/12/11

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