Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Poem - author unknown

This was a poem taught to me by Mrs Fox, my grade six teacher. I've been unable to trace the author so cannot give credit, but still remember it, possibly with a few mental changes over the years to the original. It was such a lovely, meaningful poem that I'd like to share it. If anyone is able to authenticate the author or original text, I'd be grateful for feedback at my hotmail address.

If I had lived long years ago
And seen on Christmas Day
A strange star in the sky aglow,
I would have followed close the wise men three
The little holy child to see.

They brought Him presents, rich and rare,
I would have brought one too,
And laid it in the manger there,
Perhaps a ball of blue
Or woolly lamb, so soft and small
For Him to cuddle in the stall.

I was not there, and so you see
I could not bring Him joy
He had no birthday gift from me
Or any little toy
And so at Christmas time I take
A gift to others, for His sake. 

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