Friday, 25 May 2012

Church Service

Church Service 1

Churches can be the
loneliest places
All the joyful people with
clean smiling faces
Sharing their good news
drinking their tea
But nobody sat down
alongside me
Maybe my dress wasn’t
quite so new
and my car looks a bit
shabby too
And they all have such pressing
business to do
In the middle of singing
they shook hands all around
but not mine, so I kept
my eyes on the ground
and wondered if God would
if He could be found
and I wandered away
with a comment or two
and the pain still inside
and nobody knew
and thought as I saw
the sign through the trees
it should read
“club members only, please.”

Church Service 2

This is where you will come to meet with Me.
I am everywhere, but if you come
I will be waiting to meet you here.

You see only the surface of the people surrounding you.
They may have clear, smiling faces, but I know
what is lying buried in their hearts

Listen for My voice in the midst of all the words,
Concentrate on Me. I will hear your tiniest whispered prayer
I know the love in your heart when you sing to Me.

I don’t care what you look like, or what you’re wearing
or what kind of car you drive.
I have all the time in the world to care for you in the stillness.

Don’t concern yourself with who knows who and who is busy talking to who.
I am here for you and have brought you here for My purposes.
They may smile and shake your hand for a moment
But I want to take your hands and hold you to Me for a lifetime.

Don’t go away with the pain still inside you
I want to meet with you,
and minister to you and
heal your wounded heart.
Don’t go away until I
go away with You.

See the sign outside? They made
a mess of it with that complicated name,
when all it really needs to say is
God’s church, welcome.
My church, you and me,
Come in. 


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